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    Sleep Study

Getting good rest is essential to having a normal, productive life. Sleeping disorders can affect you at any age and can seriously interfere with your body’s necessary restorative cycles. Galesburg Cottage Hospital’s sleep study program monitors patients’ sleeping patterns to find out why you may be having problems. Your doctor may suggest this treatment if you experience long-term sleeplessness or other recurring problems.

We conduct sleep studies for patients who have been referred by a physician. Typically, physicians will evaluate your symptoms, review your medical history and conduct a physical exam. In some cases, your bed partner will also be interviewed and a sleep study may be done, if necessary.

Sleep lab studies are performed during your normal sleeping hours in a quiet, comfortable room. Before you go to sleep, electrodes are attached to your face, scalp, chest and legs to monitor your brain, nerve and muscle activity. We also monitor breathing patterns and eye movements.

All tests are evaluated by a physician who specializes in sleep disorders. The cost of most treatments is covered by insurance plans, but you should check with your provider if you have any questions.

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