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    Rehabilitation Services

At Cottage Rehab and Sport Medicine, we are committed to providing quality services that enhance the entire rehabilitation experience.

Advanced care...for maximum results.

Our experienced rehabilitation teams have the same goal as you, the patient- to regain your strength and independence as quickly as possible to return home.

Care that offers you more.

It's more than just therapy, because we are not just rehabilitating injuries, we are restoring an individual. Treatment is based on a partnership—between you and your therapist, between leading-edge technology and traditional, hands-on care. Our rehabilitation services will maximize your body's ability to heal, move and do all the things you need it to do to return to normal life activity. Whether you need intensive rehabilitation after an illness, hip or knee replacement surgery, stroke or a quick recovery from an injury, you'll find you won't find better therapy service than those offered through Cottage Rehab. We commit ourselves to improving your quality of life and your functional recovery.

Become part of the Cottage Rehab Experience

As a team of qualified professionals, it is our primary goal to provide exceptional services through daily treatment, ongoing assessment and open communication between the patient, the family and the entire medical staff involved in your care. Together, we can make a difference in the rehabilitation of each person that requires our professional services.

The Cottage Rehab Experience consists of:

  • Development of a comprehensive therapy plan of care through evaluation by our skilled therapists with direct communication and in agreement of your physician.
  • Treatment programs that are carried out and updated daily, based on your progress, by our therapy team focusing on each individual's needs and goals.

  • Open-line daily and written communication regarding each patient's progress and care needs with all members of the health care team.
Cottage Rehab services also provides the following benefits:
  • Continuity of care: the professional team at Cottage Rehab and Sports medicine will take care of you every step of the way, progressing you through acute care, transitional care, home health care and outpatient therapy. Whatever you need- we provide a seamless transition as our therapists serve your ever-changing needs throughout your recovery.
  • Availability: patients on the transitional care floor receive daily therapy, which speeds up their recover, allowing them to return home faster; our outpatient clinic is open extended hours to better serve patients' time schedules; and we offer a wellness program with extended hour gym access Monday through Saturday.

  • Customer Service: our therapy staff are known for their various skill sets, years of experience and most important, the level of professionalism and compassion they demonstrate with each patient.
  • Professional staff knowledgeable in Medicare documentation and financial regulations in all treatment arenas.

Our experienced rehabilitation teams have the combined goal of helping people regain mobility, strength, and hope. We are committed to YOU! Become part of the Cottage Rehab experience and see the difference!

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