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If you're diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer or have a chronic digestive condition like inflammatory bowel disease (Chron's disease and ulcerative colitis), your doctor may recommend a proctectomy. This procedure removes all or part of the rectum, depending on your unique needs.

At Cottage Clinics, our board-certified general surgeon, Mark Davis, MD, specializes in proctectomy. 

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Types of Proctectomy

Proctectomy is most commonly used to treat rectal cancer. The type of proctectomy used depends on where the cancer is and how much it has spread (stage). Options include:

Low anterior resection (LAR)

For cancer that is higher and deeper in the rectum, a larger section of the rectum may need to be removed through an incision in the lower belly. If there is enough healthy rectum tissue left, they are then reconnected in a process called anastomosis. You will be able to have normal bowel movements through the anus.

Abdominoperineal resection (APR)

If the cancer is close to the anal opening but large, you may have an APR procedure. The rectum is removed and the anal opening is closed. A new opening called an ostomy is created in the abdomen, where the small end of the colon is attached and visible on the outside of the body. This is called a stoma. A discreet collection bag is then fitted around the stoma to collect stool.

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