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    Health Article: Three Signs You Need Joint Replacement

As you age, your joints (particularly the knee, hip and shoulder) can grow stiff, swollen or painful. This pain is often caused by osteoarthritis, when the cartilage that normally cushions your bones begins to break down.

For millions of Americans, total joint replacement is the solution for relief from this pain and discomfort. So how do you know if joint replacement is right for you? Here are three signs it could be:

  1. You have tried everything else. Supplements, over-the-counter medication, joint injections - you name it, you've tried it, and your joints still hurt.

  2. Everyday tasks are becoming more difficult. Even something as simple as getting out of bed makes you ache, much less walking up and down stairs, being moderately physically active, or keeping up with your children or grandchildren.

  3. You are otherwise in good health. Age is not usually a consideration when choosing whether or not to have a joint replaced - there is no upper age limit, and younger patients may find that their new joint is a lifelong solution to arthritis pain. The most important concern is whether you are healthy enough to undergo the surgical procedure, which typically has a relatively low rate of complications.

So what happens during joint replacement surgery? At Galesburg Cottage Hospital , orthopedic surgeons remove worn-out cartilage and resurface both ends of the joint. The cartilage is replaced with a metal implant that works similarly to your natural joint. Many patients who have their hip, knee or shoulder replaced feel immediate relief after years of aches and pains.

While joint replacement isn't for everyone, it may be right for you. Stop searching and find out here about how we've simplified the journey.

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