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    Cardiac Care

Our department is directed by a cardiologist and staffed by an exercise physiologist, registered nurses, exercise specialists and licensed practical nurses.

Our services:

  • Adenosine Scan - A nuclear medicine exam for people who aren't able to exercise
  • Cardio Beepers - Uses a telephone transmitter to determine pacemaker function
  • Cardiolite Scan - Uses radioactive substances to evaluate heart performance during exercise
  • Echocardiogram and Color Doppler - Ultrasound procedures that evaluate heart valves
  • Event Monitoring - For patients who had incomplete results from a Holter monitor
  • Exercise Stress Test - Helps determine the presence of coronary heart disease
  • Holter Monitoring - Computer measurements of heart rhythm
  • Vascular Laboratory - Ultrasounds used to check the neck and legs for blocked arteries

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