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    Are You Having A Heart Attack?

In the movies, signs of a heart attack seem straightforward and dramatic. In real life, heart attack symptoms can happen anywhere on your body- not just in your chest. They can vary in intensity and are often different for men and women. It’s important to know what to watch for. If you experience these symptoms and think you are having a heart attack, seek immediate emergency medical help by dialing 911.

  • Chest: pressure, aching, burning sensation, shortness of breath, fullness, squeezing or rapid heart rate
  • Arms: heaviness, weakness, aching, numbness, pinching, pain, prickling or discomfort
  • Back: pain, usually between the shoulder blades
  • Shoulders, neck and jaw: aching, pain, prickling or discomfort
  • Abdomen: nausea, pain or indigestion
  • Head: dizziness, anxiety, memory loss, trouble concentrating, lightheadedness or confusion
  • All over: unusual fatigue, sweating, weakness, flu-like symptoms, feeling overheated or sleep disturbances

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.

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